Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What I Didn't Tell You About Florida

The trip started out a bit of a fiasco. Saturday morning, we're rushing around, trying to pack up ourselves, the rabbit, coordinate who's picking who up, dropping who off, etc. I call my mom one final time, and she says, "Well, call me on your phone when you land."

Ok, no problem.

We're ready to go, right on schedule, it's 10:15am, and I can't find my cell phone. I'm looking all over like a mad woman. After 20 minutes, with trepidation, I go downstairs and I find it. In the bottom of the washing machine. *Sigh*

Yup, I washed my phone. So I call my mom and tell her what happened, and tell her to wing it. We get in the car, haul it on up to Judy's, I drop off TomTom, Joe takes me to the metro, and I'm off.

I get to the airport and head down to see my sister. I have a 30% off at Border's Coupon and I thought it would be fun to buy something from her. I get to the store, and guess what?

I left the coupon in my jacket pocket, and my jacket is now in my suitcase, which I checked through at USAir.

Then I realize that my brand spankin' new Celine Dion CD is in the car with Joe and the General. I wanted to take it to FL, since my mom loves Celine too. I have the empty case, no CD.

Sitting around, waiting on my sister, and I decide to listen to my iPod. Ok, take it out of my backpack, "Where the heck are my headphones!?" Forgot them on the dining room table.

So I get to Florida, I'm lamenting all this, and my mom suggests we go over to Verizon to get a new phone. Michael tells me price is no object, etc. We finally get there on Wednesday.

I go to the lady, and I don't know how they know this, but she opens the back of the phone and says "it's been soaking in water. Unless it's insured, you'll have to buy a new phone."

And didn't I have a hot little Razr phone? Pink. Camera. Real sweet, loved that phone.

So we're debating our options, and I'm about ready to cry, tears are in my eyes, a new Razr is $250. Mom strolls over to the woman and says, "Is there anything you can do? Her husband is blind, he handed it to her and said it was broken, we don't know what happened to it."

So, the lady says to us, "One of my best friends is blind, boy does she have a real zest for life. Ok, ladies, here's what we're going to do. Keep your voices down. I'm going to show you some phones, you come back with $100 in cash, and I'll have a new phone for you. Put the money in a brochure and hand it to me over the desk."

So we look, we leave, I get $100 from a nearby ATM, and we go back. There she is, a brand new pink Razr in hand, puts a new cover on it, the whole nine, hands it to me and tells me to call someone and make sure it works. It works a treat. I hand her the $100, and that's the end of it.

Is that crazy?? Seriously, I felt like a drug dealer!

I got home and my sister has made off with my Celine Dion cover, so now I have the CD and no cover, but my headphones are here and working. Crazy.

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nettiemac said...


Talmadge G. said...

"Can you hear me now?"

"(GURGLING SOUND) All I can hear is a mixture of TIDE, CLOROX and something resembling DOWNY. My blue tooth has succumbed to Blue Cheer."

Lucky break on the phone, though.

Seraphim9 said...

Wow, now I'm SURE we were separated at birth!

I really wanted one of those pink Razr phones, too, when Tal and I were looking. Because "Pink is my signatu-ah cull-ah." I even saw a matching Bluetooth earpiece yesterday at Sam's. Grumble.

My work verif for THIS on....seriously....."jcocksk". Are these random or does somebody actually get paid to come up with these?

Kate/Susan said...

"My cullahs ah blush and bashful."