Monday, November 26, 2007

So, I'm Standing In Line At Border's Last Night...

(Procrastination post #1)

...and I am second in line. The guy in front of me is staring at the tv screen they have playing for their customers. And so I sneak a peek, since I kind of enjoyed when the Fredericksburg Borders would play the DVD of the planet and you could see the little plants and the beautiful shots of earth from space.

Not the Springfield Borders, however. Oh no. I, who hate to see animals get hurt, have to look as a goddamned crocodile takes down a goddamned wildebeest.

I swear, I cannot get the image of this out of my mind. It is haunting me, all day, I have seen those jaws of death wrapped around the poor wildebeest's leg, as it struggles to gain a foothold in the sand and keeps getting dragged to the water.

My sister comes over to find out what I'm doing, and I (more loudly than intended) declare, "Don't I have to be standing here while this goddamned thing is showing the death of a wildebeest by a crocodile? I think I'm going to start bawling."

And to my utter embarrassment, all the men in line start chuckling, and the women turn their faces to stare at the back walls.

What is it with guys and this kind of thing? The guy in front of me was glued to the set. When the Borders guy FINALLY got the lead out and took this guy's order, I moved right up behind him, away from the set. I couldn't stand it.

I know it's the laws of nature and all, but honestly? I find it devastating and gratuitous.

Back to NaNo.

2 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Talmadge G. said...

What's wrong with you ... don't you appreciate kid-tested, mother-approved entertainment when you see it?

I mean, no less than DISNEY has, on one of its more prominent subsidiaries, Gray's Anatomy. Yeah, nothing says "wholesome family values" like a pencil sticking out through an impaled eyeball.

If that were me in line, I'd be causing a scene, demanding to know where Marlon Perkins went. "That poor wildebeest ... I sure hope his Mutual of Omaha policy was paid up."

That's entertainment, boy!

Elizabeth said...

People tend to laugh uncomfortably and look away when you say something they themselves do not have the courage to admit they feel. You may well have made someone think "Thank God it's not just me" and feel a little less alone and freakish.

Just something to think about. :)