Sunday, July 29, 2007

My To-Be-Read Shelf is out of Control!

So this weekend is my big housekeeping weekend, since we'll have my dad arriving midweek and then will have company straight through until August 15th. After the last two weekends were spent painting and getting the house looking pretty, it's now time for it to look clean.

But of course, there's always time for reading... and I've been cleaning up my office area and trying to get through this month's book club selection, and was working on straightening up the bookshelves. Two books arrived in the mail yesterday, one from and one from BookCrossing. As I stacked them with all the other "to be reads" I realized the pile is getting out of control... There are over 60 books crammed on one little shelf. My wish list is currently restrained at just under 60 more. And I have one more book coming from, where I have tons of points, but can't ever get the books, since they have a "first come, first get" policy on wishlists, which I hate.

I'm pleased to be getting rid of a fair number of old books weekly, and it's a nice problem to have, but I do find I'm putting some books aside (as in my book club book) to read books I really want to read (as in a new-to-me Jodi Piccoult I got for 50 cents at the Wilderness Library).

And of course, my "to be read" shelf is nothing compared to some people's, I realize. But I think it's multiplying. Yesterday, I was cleaning the living room and came upon a bag, and when I opened it, it had 3 books I'd never read before inside. They're coming for me. Like a giant, human-consuming colony... HELP! :-)

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