Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday Night...

So, it's a Tuesday night. I'm bored. Michael's in bed, the house is clean. Yeah, I've been really busy. And I don't feel like reading for once.

The weekend was productive. Joe came down and we painted our basement. Even I thought I was a little bit out to lunch when I decided to paint it purple. But then I figured it's only paint and if I hate it, I hate it. So we went to Home Depot and I bought a color called "Weeping Wisteria" and we put it up. We were thinking it was going to be a full weekend project, since the room is so big down there, but ultimately, including moving the furniture and books and putting it all back, it took us less than 5 hours to paint the walls with 2 coats. The color is awesome. There are so many different light sources downstairs that it looks different on every wall and it's gorgeous. We loved it. Joe then informed me I have a good eye for color, which coming from an artist made me feel pretty darned good.

We were feeling pretty stinkin' proud of ourselves. So proud that we have plans to paint the guestroom this weekend. Of course, I had planned to go into a Harry Potter hibernation this weekend, but I'll still attend the midnight party and get my book, and then hibernate next week. We're going to try a striping effect down in the guestroom with 2 different shades of pink. The room is decorated with Shabby Chic from Target, so the pink will be perfect. I bought paint shades called "Frolic" and "Fading Rose". I'll take pictures of both rooms when we finish up this weekend. Judy is coming to help as well, so it should go really nice and quickly, since she helped me paint the upstairs bedrooms and the kitchen.

Our trip up north was really good. I enjoyed being home, even though I have some mixed emotions about the whole trip. Some things happened that really upset me, but I guess that's to be expected. Emotions tend to run high on these trips, and I'm trying to remember that as I reflect on my time up there. I'm happy to be home in Virginia.

I'm sick yet again. I've been sick on and off since November with colds, in particular sore throats and stuffiness. I'm sick and tired of being sick. So we're debating what to do. One of the more recent times I didn't feel well, I got full blown laryngitis for 2 days. Do I need to see an allergist? Do I need to see a sinus specialist? Do I need to talk to my GP? I've been to the GP each time this has happened so far, and they've told me that I need to take Robitussin and wait it out. That's clearly not working. So what are my options?

I haven't seen any friends in ages, with the exception of my book club girls. I feel mighty guilty about it, but no one seems to be free when I'm free and I can't really justify making extra trips up to DC in the evenings and getting home late, so I've just had to settle for the idea that I'm stuck flying solo in the 'burg. Depressing, but that's the way it is. We did finally make nice with our neighbors and I had a real nice chat with Mr. Next Door and introduced Michael to him, so that was a nice thawing of the cold war. He's even offered to help us take down our piece o' crap chain link fence. BONUS!

The Clifton-Fine explosion seems to be continuing. I've been hearing from a lot of people on MySpace, which has been interesting to say the least. It moderately sucks that there are so many babies and not a one of them is mine! Oh well, when the good Lord deems the time is right. Right? Right.

I sent a letter to Hillary Clinton today and got one back that she's not able to respond to all inquiries directly. I also sent a note to Dog the Bounty Hunter and it was returned undeliverable after 5 days. Don't ya just love technology?

Alright, that's enough bitching and whining for one night. I'm sick of myself. :-) Till next time.

2 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Lara said...

Go to an ear nose throat doc. (Otolaryngosomethingogist). He'll figure out what's going on, because getting sick that much isn't normal (speaking from experience here! :) )

Melissa said...

I agree with Lara, getting sick that much isn't normal. I would go to ENT but I would also go to an Allergist - if your insurance can handle you going to both. The fact that it has been off and on for so long implies to me that it's allergies. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT allow an ENT to treat you for allergies. I think my ENT prob would have killed me as he really didn't know what he was doing and he refused to treat me for asthma. Here's a suggestion to try while you wait for the dr appointment - OTC claritin...get it anywhere, once a day pill - if it helps then it's prob allergies. My 1st suspect for the allergies would be TomTom, unfortuently. But that doesn't mean you have to get rid of him...just make some changes. I'm very allergic to my dog but she's not going anywher.