Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Tonight was the season finale of LOST, undoubtedly the best show on television. What a nail biter it was, literally.

I don't know anyone who watches it other than me, Joe, and Judy, so we always watch it and I call them during the commercial breaks.

Tonight, when it was over, all I could say was "Holy sh*t!"

From Hurley's heroic ride in the ancient VW to contact with the outside world to flash forwards and flashbacks, it was one hell of a way to cap one hell of a season. This past several months' worth of episodes has been incredible. It has been non-stop, grab you by the throat, balls to the wall, thrill a minute, amazing TV.

And even though I'm sad that it's over for what COULD be this year (2007), they left it in such a way that I'm almost glad it's over for the season so I can catch my breath. The first two seasons were great, but this season has been absolutely incredible. God bless the creators. I'll be tuning in on the website to see it again without all the commercials, and I just know it's going to be even more amazing.

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