Monday, May 21, 2007

The Latest Round of Hilarious Spammer Names (And Perhaps Final)

I'm getting the feeling I might be the only one who continues to find these amusing, and as they're few and far between (this latest round has taken a few months to compile--since January), I think I'll just go on back to deleting everything in my spam folder as it comes in.

Be that as it may, may I present the final list of hilarious spammer names direct from my inbox...

Polygamy P. Format
Rubes L. Rubdowns
Udders B. Counted
Riesling R. Thoroughbreds
Hellenistic G. Hothead
Canute O. Coolant
Sexism U. Whetstone
Schnauzers M. Crosier
Sinai E. Linnaeus
Foregathered H. Troubled
Cookbook S. Telegraphed
Flops Q. Impulsion
Cluttering H. Paramilitaries
Violable B. Underwriters
Trailering D. Conic
Prophylactic F. Somnambulists (!!!!)
Paralleling H. Homesteaders
Underdone R. Tartness
Facing E. Indispensable
Groupie K. Baker
Domineering L. Rutledge
Unappetizing T. Psychologies (hehe)
Scarlet L. Imperturbable
Permanents K. Puberty
Draco U. Deposed
Iraqi B. Homograph
Hamlet B. Lipstick
Immigration O. Administratively
Subtrahends A. Ishmael
Deleted I. Grossness (poetic, no?)
Minutemen L. Pilothouse
Broccoli H. Downloads
Careers D. Wail
Sock E. Values
Hooves O. Locution
Michigander D. Beowulf

Hope this last round was as enjoyable for you as it was for me! :)

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