Thursday, August 24, 2006

TomTom, that Rat!!

A couple of weeks ago, I went into the bunny room in the morning to find that TomTom had broken Rambo's cage, knocked the top off, and gone after him. Several days later, TomTom emerged with a black eye, assorted cuts and scrapes that I hadn't noticed, and was not a happy rabbit. I spent a week providing him with first aid, washing his wounds, applying ointments, cutting off the fur around his eye to get it out of his wounds, the whole nine yards. I can safely report that he HATES getting his face washed.

Two nights ago, I scooped him up and was cuddling with him. He LOVES to be flopped on his back and have his belly rubbed.

As soon as I did, I noted a discoloration in his fur. I figured maybe he'd had a potty accident, so I moved his fur to investigate, and out shot the most horrifying looking bulge of a tumor I'd ever seen. Well. Of course, I immediately freaked out. I told Michael that we had to get TomTom to a vet immediately in the morning and found the card for the Spotsylvania Animal Hospital, which caters to "exotics"... (How an animal that breeds like rabbits do can be considered exotic, I have no idea!)

We went down there yesterday morning. The nicest technician was working, and they saw us right away. She pulled TomTom out of his carrier and made us guess at his weight. We discussed his diet and what I was concerned about. I explained that our best guess was that either he had a tumor or a hernia or an unattended-to injury.

She brought him back to weigh him, and clipped his nails as a free service.

She returned and propped him up on the table on his hind feet.

"My God, it's worse than I thought," said the voice in my head, "they're multiplying." Indeed, there were now 2 of them.

I tried to remain stoic, but was on the verge of tears, and the General was doing his best to be calm and collected.

The dollar signs were adding up, TomTom was looking at me like, "Mom, what the hell is going on here?!" and the tech spoke again...

"Is this what you're worried about?"

I grimly nodded my head.

"These are his testicles. They frequently appear very suddenly in small animals. There won't be a charge."

To add insult to injury? I had gone the long way to the vet's office--it took us roughly 45 minutes to get there. To get home? 10 minutes.

3 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Lesley said...

Oh. My. God.

That is the FUNNIEST thing I have heard in ages!

I think this tops Judy's 'we have to call a vet, her intestines are coming out' incident - or a very close second.

Kate/Susan said...

I truly wanted to slink out of there, but they were so nice about it... They let me know that the same thing happens in hamsters. LOL

Talmadge G. said...

Ooooooh, I feel for you. I too would've considered 'slinking out of there.'

I could never laugh or say anything to make light of this .... because that pesky little thing known as "karma" oft times has a way of biting one back. Bunnies tend not to make their genders as obvious as, say, dogs or lesser beings like homo sapiens. Well, just so long as "intestines" aren't coming out, heh heh. ;-)


PS - I acknowledge your 'tag' almost a month late. With all that's on my plate these days, I haven't read anything deeper than a magazine in quite some time.