Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Birthday Party!

Saturday, we drove up to Judy's en route to Heather's to go to the Heros and Villains party... I had spent all evening Friday and all day Saturday getting supplies and gear to dress up as a fortune teller and to have Michael become The Plunger.

Well, come Saturday, I fell asleep all afternoon, and woke up around 4:15, freaking out that we would be late!!! I got up and rushed Michael out of the house, and we drove to Judy's. I announced we'd get changed up there, and in we went.

When I opened the door, there were my friends, all yelling "Surprise!" When it finally registered what was going on, I didn't know whether to walk back out the door or fall over.

Of course, my rat of a husband was in on the whole thing!

I went in and hugged everyone. Joe had custom designed personalized decorations, and pink cakes dangled from the ceiling. A beautiful table was set, and everyone had contributed to a luscious fondue extravaganza. We had 3 kinds of fondue for dinner--seafood, cheese, and pizza. It was incredibly delicious... For dessert we had 2 kinds of chocolate fondue, plus my beloved Carvel cake, which I LOVE! My grandma always got me a Carvel birthday cake (you know the kind, with those spectacular chocolate crunchies) and now I find it's not a birthday without one.

Since I had all my fortune teller stuff with me, we cracked open the tarot cards and I did readings for everyone. Joe got drunk and we played Charades--he took movie titles from all of us and acted them out for the better part of 2 hours. And he was damned good, too!!!

Michael bought me my long sought-after power staple/nail gun, and I got to staple things for a while!!! Joe got me a talking Napoleon Dynamite card... It's hilarious. Gift cards from Heather and Steve and Ambareen, and photos of the beach in New England from Nancy. And a great new book from Melissa about a book club!!! I'm totally looking forward to that one.

So I must thank Heather, Steve, Nancy, Trent, Melissa, Michael, Ambareen, Judy, and Joe for an amazing evening... The pictures are at http://mkosior.com/gallery/surpriseparty if you want to see them. It made turning 31 a lot less painful!

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Lesley said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a fabulous time - I'm glad to hear it (and wish we could have been there!)