Sunday, February 19, 2006

Update: LEG!!!!!!

Well, on Thursday, we went to see the orthopedist, Dr. Sunshine (no, I'm not making up his name!). He looked at the X-rays from the hospital and said, "Well, it looks like good news."

When he took the soft cast off my leg, he took one look and said, "Oh shit."

Not exactly inspiring to little ole me, who just a moment before was debating cast colors with my sister.

"What I mean by that," Dr. Sunshine continued, "is that we need more X-rays."

Okie dokie.

I sat up to get in a wheelchair and go to X-ray and caught a look at my foot. The skin is fluorescent green. I too thought, "Oh shit."

I went to X-ray, which was AWFUL. I had no support for my foot and ankle, and was trying to hold my foot still long enough to get good pictures.

By the time I got back to the exam room and was told to "hop right on up!" to the table, I was spent.

Eventually, Dr. Sunshine came back and told us that he had been delayed because he had to consult with a senior doctor about my X-rays to decide what to do about me.

And then he said the dreaded words no doctor should utter to a patient, "There's not really any good news here."

Essentially what it comes down to is that I have completely discombobulated my entire lower leg/ankle.

Tomorrow, Monday, February 20th, I'll be going in for surgery. I'll have a plate and screws implanted to stablize my broken leg bone, and I'll have my whole ankle and foot and leg set back in place to hopefully correct and repair all the nerve, ligament, and tendon damage I've managed to cause.

Afterwards, I will be on bedrest for 2 months.

I have been incredibly blessed by my friends and family who have taken time off work, changed vacation plans, made trips out of the way, etc. to take care of me. We've got lots of meals, I have been given wheel chairs, a shower chair, and a walker, flowers, candy, all kinds of goodies.

So I know I'll make it through, no doubt about it.

It'll be tough to be that calm for 8 weeks, but I want to heal and get moving again!!!

I'll let you all know how I'm doing when I'm awake and alert again.

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David said...

Hey there,how is your foot?