Wednesday, February 01, 2006

State o' the Union

Well, I didn't watch the State of the Union address last night. Not only can't I stand the sight of W's face, I can't stand the sound of that man's voice. Although, I was sorely tempted after meeting Dave Barry, who stated what concerns him about the President is that he always appears shocked at the policies he's announcing when he gives a speech... "We're invading...Iraq!?" "We're security?!" It was funnier in person with the appropriate face being made.

In any event, judging by the 2 news reviews I've read and Brian's always astute commentary, I don't think I missed a whole lot.

I plan to write to my senators today and let them know that never in my life have I felt more disconnected from the United States Government. I've never felt it's doing less for me, it's listening less to me. The only good thing is that the word impeachment is finally starting to be uttered around Washington. I suspect if the Dems win in the fall, we will see it coming.

What it comes to is, the guy is a fraud. A major fraud. (re-reading that statement, "No shit, Sherlock" popped into my head.) But I don't think a lot of people sit and conciously think about it. I mean, they can't be, right? Otherwise, would we be in this predicament?

Unfortunately, I don't see anything much better coming down the pike for the Dems. I predict they'll win in the fall, but I can't see them winning the next presidential election. I have a feeling they'll be up against McCain, who the Repubs must know is the ONE candidate they can throw up that anyone will vote for who isn't a registered Repub.

Finally, although I know Brian disagrees with me, my girl Cindy Sheehan continues to make me prouder of her every day. She is just the kind of radical voice we need out there when most people sit on their butts and complain from the privacy of their own homes and don't actually DO anything. I wonder if she could have known a year ago that she'd have made the kind of impact and the kind of statement that she has been throwing out there. One person CAN make a difference--and I support her 100%.

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The Concordian said...

Actually, I don't disagree with you. I don't really have an opinion on what Sheehan herself did, other than that it was, as I said, mildly declasse. On the other hand, so it standing in front of Congress telling baldfaced lies, but they don't throw George out for doing it. :)

I do think the Capitol Police completely overreacted.

I also think that the smart thing for Cindy Sheehan to do would have been to wait until the speech started to open up and show the t-shirt. Talk about camera time.

Talmadge G. said...

I came over here from the blog of our mutual friend, Nettiemac.

I liked your post about the SOTU (which I'm sure the repubs would love to rename the STFU!)

By and large I'm a Libertarian, but five years of W have brought out a great deal of leftist in me. I never voted for Clinton, never liked Clinton, never trusted Clinton (I lived in Arkansas for much of the '80s, even interviewed the @#$%). I always felt he was a closet Republican, and his recent coziness with Poppy only validates my gut.

I hope the Dems can pull off an upset this December. SOMEBODY needs to put the fear of God into Our Imperial King George. The "I" word, truly, is music to my ears.

Trouble is, I worry the Dems will again turn to jelly against the GOP's McCarthyism part deux, which no doubt they'll be revving up come Fall. The donkeys badly need more Ed Schultz and far less Al Franken if they want to score points.

Who knows about '08, right now I'm concerned about '06!

The Deep South will forever be red, even maroon (like the rest of my family), so it's up to you fine Yankee-esque folk to SAVE US FROM THE REPUBLICANS! PLEASE! :-)

Oh, it's nice to make your acquaintance. Take a look at my ramblings when/if you get a chance: (a link is on Nettiemac's page).

--Talmadge Gleck

Kate/Susan said...

Agreed, Brian--wish she would have done that too. Frankly I wish I could have gotten down there with her when she was arrested last year.

Hi Talmadge! I will check out your blog next :-)