Monday, July 19, 2010

Exchange Student Blogging

AFS has suggested that host families and exchange students both blog about their year together. I've decided to do it. Since I've fallen apart on the weight loss blog (although still going!) and the 80 Plates blog (still dreaming about finishing it!), I think it will be fun and interesting for people to read our experience with our Thai student.

I'm trying to think of a catchy title. I wanted to sneak in the word Thai somehow.

All of I've thought of thus far are:

The Thais that Bind
Family Thai(s)
Thai and Dry

Not ideal. Not in the least. Haha

Anyone out there have any suggestions?

Also, if anyone out there is interested in hosting, AFS is desperately seeking families for 1200 students arriving in less than a month. AFS is an awesome organization with lots of family and student support. There is no fee to host, only that you must be willing to provide the student a bed (they may share a room with a same sex sibling) and meals, and to include them 100% as a member of your family. AFS provides health insurance and the students come with their own spending money for school activities, etc. Go to to fill out an interest indicator.

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