Friday, May 07, 2010

The Word from Thailand

Hope this message finds you well. Penny and her family would like to say "they feel very happy with this good news and there is no other answer except " YES". They are ok with the placement. And please share the family's letter to Susan. Penny's mother just sent it to me.


Dear Michael, Susan and little Leah

Thank you very much for your interest in hosting Penny. We have read Michael’s wonderful and great profile. Penny has spent a lot of time reading and is busy searching the meaning of words in her English-Thai dictionary. She is happy to receive this good news and look forward to seeing both of you.

I hope Penny would be able to learn from Michael how to overcome hard time and when frustrated and that she would be a helpful student to your family.

I admired Michael is a young successor. There are many things I would like to write. But it is not convenience because I am at work. I have to send out this short Message now to get things moving. We have just receive this news yesterday late evening.

Susan, I would like to thank you again for your great support. Please don’t hesitate to advise Penny if she is out of order. We have to make it a “Cheerful Family”.


This sounds like a fun match!!

We do not yet know where in Thailand she is from. We have to complete our official interview and get final approval from the school here before we can officially exchange identifying information and communicate freely. Still, it is nice to hear from these people, whose daughter will change our lives and we will change hers! The world just got a wee bit smaller. :-)

Friday night update: We got approval from the school TODAY!!! Woo hoo! All that's left is the interview on 5/23. Unfortunately that is the soonest the rep is able to interview us.

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Melissa said...

Yeah! :-)
I sent in my form yesterday. They'd sent me the email 2x! I'm afraid it wasn't best writing, but it was all postive! I was so tired when I did it, but I had to get it done. When I read this I thought, duh, I should have talked about how Michael is blind - and how that's an asset. Did not even occur to me - it was as if in my head Michael was Michael and not "my friend who is blind"! Oh well. Sounds like you are well on your way! :-)