Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Ok, this is cheesy and sad, but I was so unhappy to hear the news today that CBS cancelled The Guiding Light. Back in high school, that was my soap opera. I remember my mom watching it, and I used to watch it sporadically. After a 72 year run on radio and television, it's over.

It's crazy, but I was kinda looking forward to watching it once I became a housewife. I loved following the evil Alan Spaulding, the crazy Lewis family, the Bauers, and the Coopers.

Dang it!

Well, at least Project Runway has officially found a new home on Lifetime. I guess I can console myself with that.

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Talmadge Gleck said...

It was a matter of somebody in power at CBS having the bravery to kill off the oldest drama in Western Civilization. The truth is, "Light" has been on life-support for a number of years -- this was bound to happen sooner or later.

For someone who's never watched the show, nor cared much for the very idea of following a soap, I feel very sad. The idea of Guiding Light not being part of our daytime world (which it's been since it debuted on NBC Radio in 1937) is sobering.

What's going to replace it? I doubt it'll be a game show. Probably a @#$%ing TALK SHOW ... or, even worse (!), CBS will give the time back to the local affils ... can you say "trashy court shows" or "infomercials"???

Mom used to watch Guiding Light in the '70s and '80s ... and the theme music the show used between 1975-1981 ("Ritournelle") just oozed class. A really beautiful melody.

Hate to say it, but you're going to be entering housewifedom with a lot of untempered shit passing for daytime television. :-(

Sarah said...

Is Project Runway finally coming back?? Yay!

Kate/Susan said...

They're airing it this summer!

Seraphim9 said...

"Days of Our Lives" is my thing. My mom watched when I was little, and when I was old enough to really get into it (around the time Bo and Hope were getting hot and heavy) my mom would tape it for me to watch when I got home from school. College years and after when I was working I'd catch it here and there, or try to record it and find time to watch. Most times I found that I just didn't have time to catch up on what I recorded. But most of the time it was easy to figure things out when I could - and I'd also grill my mom when I couldn't understand who a new person was and how they related to the storyline.

These days, if I'm at home during the weekday, I might turn it over to NBC at 1:00 to catch it but the storylines have gotten so crazy and now I don't know who half the people on there are - or characters I did know have different actors portraying them - I usually give up and go looking for something else to watch or do after about 10-15 minutes because I can't follow the story.

I hate to say this, but I think after 42 years of being on the air its "Days" are numbered. There are rumors to its demise, and they've gone and fired many of its "key" actors in the past year.

To tell you how long it's been since I last watched Days - when I met Missy Reeves (who played Jennifer Horton Devereaux on Days) at the gingerbread competition last Nov. I didn't know that she had left Days in 2006! Boy, I'm glad I didn't let that on to her - I didn't find that out until later when we got back to the hotel and I got on the computer!

I think Tal's right - they'll probably replace it with something stupid.

Hey...there's always Little House on the Prairie on Hallmark.

Wait a minute.................

What is THIS?!?!??! They have taken LHOTP off the lineup!!!! NO, NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOO!!


*sniff* now I'm depressed - even more so knowing that they replaced it with "The Golden Girls". *sob* Now I wish I had not looked at the Hallmark Channel online.

My word verif.: lessin. Good television shows these days is getting lessin less.

Melissa said...

Don't worry before long your little one will be obssesed with the Wiggles or Yo Gabba Gabba or something like that and that's all you'll be allowed to watch! Not that I condone babies watching TV - I think somehow it just happens....although I think you stand a really good chance of not having Leah be a TV junkie by age 2.

Word Verification: resse - does it know what I have sitting next to my keyboard? Does it know I'm about to devour a mini PB egg? seriously?

Talmadge Gleck said...

It's times like these I'm thankful that my son was born before the dawn of The Wiggles ... or, worse (!), Teletubbies.

Yes, DOOL is next. NBC has realized that it doesn't have to be in the daytime business. All one has to do is look at FOX's example.

Hallmark dropped LHOTP???? Big mistake. Talk about alienating what I perceive to be its core demographic: 25-54 women.

Remind me again why we're paying for satellite???

Ellyn said...

I wept.
I have watched it my entire life.
Both Grandmothers and Mother watched all their lives.
Waiting to hear some news!