Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Iceland's Gonna Be a Challenge

I thought I'd check out what Iceland's national dish was. It's something called ├×orramatur. What's in it?

* Putrified Greenland shark
* Ram testicles, pressed in blocks, boiled and cured in lactic acid
* Singed and boiled sheep heads, sometimes cured in lactic acid
* Head cheese
* Sausage made from the offal and liver of sheep
* Something called blood-fat
* Wind dried fish served with butter
* Sheep’s loins wrapped in the meat from the sides, pressed and cured in lactic acid
* Seal's flippers cured in lactic acid

I never could imagine myself saying so, but the seal flippers seem like the most palatable item on this list.

They're big rye bread fans in Iceland, thankfully. It might come down to that...

8 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Cindy said...

They must have tons of lactic acid over there. Sheesh.

Shib said...

oh boy

I might even try the shark but the rest of it? no waym, jose!

I haven't forgotten the recipes. Work's been nuts. I promise this Sunday, you'll see some Indian recipes in your email :-)

manda said...

I've been holding out for an invite for one of these mavalous dinners. But- not this one.

nic said...

Yuck! What's with all the lactic acid? Remind me to bring lots of granola bars with me if I ever wind up visiting!

Good luck with this country!

Elizabeth said...

Don't forget puffin! I have a friend who ate a puffin when he went to Iceland. I still don't talk to that guy. Puffins are the cutest!

Kate/Susan said...

You wont' believe it, but I have found recipes for the fermented shark AND for puffin!

OMG... What the heck am I going to do???

You are ALL invited for Iceland. If I gotta do it, you gotta do it!

Talmadge Gleck said...

Mmmmmm ... ram testicles .....

nettiemac said...

Yeah, I'd go with that whole rye bread thing by comparison.... or "flarns" (the word for verification).