Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas, Slowly But Surely

Well, tis the season, and slowly but surely, the General and I are getting it done. Last weekend we got out the decorations that we put up around the house and set up the nativity sets, hung the stockings, and put other little things around. We don't put up a tree till late, but I just heard on the radio that a local place has fresh cut Christmas trees, so I think we may skip our annual Home Depot trip and try there this year. Our tree last year was beautiful, but it was so dry it left a trail of needles on the floor when we brought it in.

Last night we sat down in two separate stretches and did up all our Christmas cards. This is in stark contrast to the last two years when I said, "Ok, we're not doing them, the heck with it." But I guess maybe more people feel that way this year, since we've only gotten two cards so far ourselves. Or else people just decided not to send us any!

I've been butt-kicking busy at work and have so many to-do's at home, I don't know if I'm coming or going. Today, if I do nothing else, I absolutely HAVE to get to the post office, so as soon as the General leaves for work, in about 30 minutes, I'll get dressed and get that done.

We still haven't done any Christmas shopping, although this year I expect it will be much lighter than usual given the economy. I had grand plans of sending lots of people flowers to show my appreciation for their support this year, but that has gone out the window in light of the current times. So please know, everyone, that if you were around for me this year in any capacity, I'd have sent you flowers if I could. I'll just send you all my love and a big cyber-hug instead. Small consolation, I know.

My book club had its little holiday gift swap on Monday. The girls all chipped in and got me the new WW Momentum cookbook, which I've been reading over voraciously and can't wait to try! (Thanks, ladies, again! Book club makes Mondays tolerable :-D) My gift swap buddy also got me a Women and Reading appointment calendar from the MFA in Boston. I have plans for this little calendar already.

This weekend will be spent shopping and wrapping gifts, so we can get that done, and my WW strategy for dealing with cookies and goodies is to A) cut way back on what we usually do and b) bake them the weekend of the 19th so that when my family all arrives on the 22nd, they can eat them, and I won't. We'll see if that works. I'm hopeful!

I've gotten 3 new holiday CD's this year and they've definitely gotten their playing time. As previously mentioned, I picked up the Straight No Chaser CD back in November and was THRILLED to be able to play it finally the day after Thanksgiving. It's in my car, and I'm really enjoying it whenever I'm out and about. The General also generously got me Faith Hill's Christmas CD, which is not as country as one might imagine. She has a gorgeous singing voice and the CD is very, very good. As is Kristin Chenowith's CD. I love her on Pushing Daisies, and the CD showcases her trademark wit and spunk.

So, slowly but surely, we're getting it done. Christmas is coming and no help for it. Hope everyone else's holiday plans are going well and no one is feeling the stress.

2 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Seraphim9 said...

I love Kristin Chenowith! I haven't seen many episodes of Pushing Daisies but have seen her in other shows and movies (LOVED her in "RV"). Have you seen or plan to go see "Four Christmases"? I totally love Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn, and Kristin plays Reese's older sister. And there are many other actors who I like in the movie, too, including an appearance by "Ralphie".

Elizabeth said...

My philosophy on Christmas cards is that if I do them once, I will have to do them every year because people will expect them. But if I never send a single Christmas card, no one will ever think "whatever happened to Elizabeth this year? She didn't get her Christmas cards out!"

Martha Stewart would choke, but it works for me! ;)