Sunday, October 19, 2008

Powerful Message to Sarah Palin

I don't know how to steal this and make it appear in my blog, so follow this link instead:

1 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Talmadge Gleck said...

You are such a Jesus-hating HEATHEN for daring to post that piece of un-American filth on your blog.

Don't you know that their Mothers and Grandmothers were perfectly content to clean the tops of curtain rods in their finest pearls and wearing their chiffon dresses, while still having dinner on time?

A vote against Sarah Palin is a vote for witchcraft and lesbanism.

Don't you know that God hates fags, abortionists and especially people who don't vote Republican??

He even reviles people who THINK negative thoughts about Our Holy GOP.

Jesus is crying because of you.

Have you no shame?

I'm praying for your soul because if you don't repent and become a Christian, like Sarah - who represents the only real Christian point of view, as anybody should know - then you won't be going to heaven.

*SNIFF* And I'll miss you when I get to heaven myself and I don't (*tears well up*) see you there..... *sobs*

Meet me Wednesday night at 7 for Bible study. Prepare to be gang-witnessed. Glory!!!

PS - Very good video. Are conservatives now officially against intelligence? Are we supposed to be celebrating stupid people now? Palin makes W look like a member of Mensa. She's dangerous, and her rallies are beginning to remind me of Germany circa 1931. And I don't make that comparison lightly.