Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Will He Say It?

I've been addicted to election returns since voting yesterday... What I'm dying to know is, during his speech today at 1pm ET, will W say, "The American people have spoken"???? He says it when the American people agree with him, how about now that we so clearly don't?

2 pearl(s) of wisdom:

nettiemac said...

Are you kidding? He won't. :(

Talmadge G. said...

Y'know, had Bush been this gracious and reaching-out over the last several years, our country would be a lot less divided.

I was telling a co-worker of mine today how Our Illustrious Leader sounds like he always does ... only with a lot of humility and without all that swagger. Kinda as if he'd gotten neutered.

And, in a way, he did. :-D