Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Spammers Are Getting Crafty

I hate spam, granted, but lately, I've gotten a new generation of spam with a bunch of made up names that are absolutely hilarious. I've compiled a list for the past month, and I've gotten emails from all of the following people:

Credit M. Unduly
Timothy S. Stupidity (my personal favorite)
Lamebrain E. Balloting (!!!!!!!!!!)
Prophetically M. Licenses
Halley B. Flummoxes
Chink H. Heedlessly
Nicks I. Entices
Visas A. Enthusiast
Pleurisy O. Cosmetic
Tortillas O. Remitting
Gruyeres B. Ages
Exemplify D. Opponent
Junket H. Nicer
Seoul V. Illegality (is this a court case?)
Duchess D. Catbirds
Hermetic I. Underdogs
Dieter V. Patsy
Baseballs D. Blotchiest
Defense A. Ladybug
Crocket G. Job
Cusses M. Newfoundlands (sorry, Lesley!)
Triumphed A. Triptychs
Hunter T. Mappings
Revolved C. Infield
Ratio F. Umped
Incensed P. Receives
Papers C. Bleeds
Picadilly F. Melton
Ergonomics K. Aeschylus
Timothy H. Develops
Unhands U. Tricksters
Elliptic S. Demands
Strings U. Harridan
Franchised M. Shipper
Seemliness R. Sectionalism
Karachi P. Knack

I hope you all find these as hilarious as I do!

3 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Lesley said...

Oh my - that's hilarious! I never noticed the names that come in with these spam messages. Now I'll be watching to see if any funny ones come in mine.

nettiemac said...

Oh yeah -- we get some truly WEIRD ones at work!!!

Talmadge G. said...

Lamebrain E. Balloting

Sounds like the '02 & '04 elections...

(Oh. Sorry. Did I say something?)

Hermetic I. Underdogs

Sounds like Wally Cox as a canine Wiccan superhero. "Never feeeear..."

Hmmm... why does Talmadge Gleck sound like a spoof name all of a sudden????